Forty  years of service

For the past 40 years Thomas C. Heaton and Company has been helping companies and individuals find solutions to their real estate needs be it: Leasing, Management or Brokerage.  Our goal is to make the real estate experience as “User Friendly” as possible.  We help the novice as well as the most sophisticated investors attain their goals without interrupting what they do best; concentrate on their day to day business.

Small but Effective

By choice we are not a large company, but our close attention to details, training and years of experience in all types of transactions coupled with one on one follow up will ensure that you get the very best advice available.  Call our office, phone calls are answered by individuals the majority of the time and if one goes to a voice mail, immediate call back is assured generally in a matter of minutes.  You are an individual not a number. 

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is powerful, we make every attempt to make sure that every step of any transaction is fully understood and done correctly so that you can feel comfortable that you have made the right decision.  We stay abreast of current market conditions and legal updates.


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